My Philosophy

My philosophy is about taking the essence of both horse and rider and creating a connection of mind body and spirit, I fuse together techniques from yoga and Pilates along with vaulting and natural horsemanship to create a strong foundation for any discipline of riding. I strongly agree with less is more when it comes to our equine friends; we should approach both horse and rider with patients and love in order to build an everlasting trust. Working on developing a connection that will last a life time! Being with our horses is a truly rewarding and blessed experience that not all people have the opportunity to have in life. When it comes to our horse time one should not rush or feel the need to execute perfection by no means. Just the process of sharing space and time together is enough to create a bond and loving friendship. After all most of us choose the path of the horse out of love for the peace and wisdom that the horse carries as that is what we are looking to cultivate in our own lives. We can learn so much form these magnificent beings if we just allow ourselves to let go and be present with them in the unfoldment of this beautiful journey of life! Horses can help bring us back to our pure true nature. Lets love them like they love us.