Jenna’s Bio

JennaJenna’s love and appreciation for horses started very early in life. At the age of five years old she was able to start her first riding lessons after many months of begging her parents, saying it was the only thing in the world she wanted to do. Being introduced to the four H program and taking riding lessons at that age set her up for a lifetime of joy working with horses. It was a natural bond and confidence she had with the horses. Trusting the horse and her intuition, knowing when and how to approach each horse as an individual and understand their feelings and body language.

She began her riding in the discipline of western and then quickly moved into English equitation and hunters. She showed when she was younger in many different classes and often went away with the blue ribbon due to her natural and seamless connection to the horse. Although the showing was a fun and exciting experience, she really just wanted to focus on the bond and unity she would feel while riding and also in the special moments of grooming and taking walks together with the horse.
So moved by the well known horse film the Black Stallion, she would dream of being able to share the experience of being alone on an island with her horse companion playing in the sand and riding bareback in the ocean. Horses where her connection to herself. A reference point and place of refuge and grounding in the hardships of life growing up. No matter what is happening, the horse is always there looking to cheer you up, ether with a sweet kiss and nuzzle or a funny face or behavior to make you laugh. They just know the way to your heart and will bring you back to what really matters in life. That deep cosmic connection and love.

JennaJenna also had many wonderful opportunities to work with trainers in different disciplines and to be their assistant in all of the daily duties of being a horse trainer. From grooming and tacking up to doing five to seven schooling rides a day and then giving lessons to the beginner and intermediate riders. She also had the grace to be able to work with many green and young horses who had not yet been exposed to any bad habits. She began to specialize in starting young horses and getting them ready for a special relationship with there future partners.

Dressage was always her favorite discipline in that it showed the incredible connection rider and horse have while moving. She feels a true horseman or women has the ability to a tune themselves to the horse and yet not over think anything. To arrive at a state of unity and joy with the horse.
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Jenna is a avid Yogi practicing yoga and teaching daily in her private practice in Laguna Hills. Jenna has been involved in studying yoga and meditation for over the past fifteen years developing her skills of understanding the sacred and ancient practice to further her self development and be able to help others on their journey of self discovery and enhancement. Jenna has had the blessing to sit with great teachers of yoga from all over the world who have dramatically changed the course of her life helping guide her to unfold her greater potential and live her dream of helping people connect to themselves in a profound way. Jenna says’ Yoga is about self transformation by self study on a deeper level then our normal daily lives allow. One can attain whatever their hearts most purest desire is so long as they do the practice of daily yoga in which you get back to your most pure and truest essence of being, and their the hearts power unfolds making way for incredible transformation.